Understand the Opportunities of Mercury Going Retrograde

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Mercury is now in retrograde for about three weeks. When you’re standing under the influence of Mercury in retrograde -- it cancels your brain's ability to hold onto old root causes -- it’s a time of disintegration. It's at these levels inside levels where understanding lives -- without this level of understanding a plethora of misunderstandings takes place. It’s here -- in many moments -- at many levels -- where conclusions form from the formlessness.

Responses without assumptions allow time to serve non-common outcomes. This is not a waste of time, it’s a changing of time with far more possible conclusions. This is the perfect moment to deconstruct in order to then reconstruct when Mercury and understanding goes direct again. One key is in the word ‘understand’ -- it means to stand-under, and then stand under that, and under that, until you've arrived at a new -- and improved -- root cause. Everything outside of life mimics what’s inside of life, and the landscape in all directions is beyond imagination.

Mercury retrograde is a time of deconstructing and disintegrating the interwoven parts that cause each other. The parts of your life, that are no longer required, can be released into the black holes existing at the deep center of every galaxy. This massive force is there to clear material debris. And in the opposite direction -- at the center of the center of every atom -- there’s a white hole drafting your new opinions, perspectives and conclusions into the harmony that replaces mis-understandings. Mercury retrograde is a moment of great opportunity for those who practice non-attachment.

Our prayer is that you’re ready to dive deeper; go beyond your comfort zone and locate the cause of new causes, and use this location as a staging area for brand new conclusions and beliefs. It's music -- stretch into it -- you'll compose new harmonies and relations. 

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