Master Your Spine


In the holism of life, your body functions as an essential component of your karmic journey through time . . . both physically and metaphysically. The spine -- from bottom to top -- is the support of your structure and also presents you with inspiration, innovation, hope, epiphany, trust and faith. This is the path of the Kundalini rising -- the pathway to your higher consciousness in action. The spine runs through all seven major internal chakras; connects the nervous system with your glands and organs; carries messages from one body system to every other, and holds you upright to access the greater powers of your brain. It's literally at the base of your ability to stand up for yourself; to be yourself, and to discover everything about the three dimensions of your space.

A key portion in this whole process is the lower section . . . the 'lower-triangle' . . . the lower three chakras. This area is dedicated to maintaining your survival (the first chakra); your rate of approval in the family, tribe and clan (the second chakra), and your value to yourself in life (the third chakra). The glands and organs in this space provide physical energy, reproduction, and digestion of nutrition. This is the world most the people on Earth are concentrating on . . . the only world the majority of humanity relates to, by design . . . no wonder there's such selfishness in today’s world.

Our prayer is that you master this lower triangle and the spine; that you take care of these self-centric purposes, but also discover and master your higher purposes -- inspiration, innovation, hope, epiphany, trust and faith. Become a difference maker; a selfishness shape-shifter . . . you have the time, and the space is ready, use your inspiration, innovation, hope, epiphany, trust and faith. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci