Winter Solstice…Get Back To the Natural You 


Sun storms have a huge impact on your mental body, just as they do on all communication systems . . . anything working with signals. The cycle of Sun storms is eleven years . . . also the cycle of the mental body. The mental body affects the emotional body. The cycle of the emotional body -- also known as the 'karmic' body -- is seven years. Like "break a mirror -- seven years bad luck." This mirror is your outside world . . . fail to "see the other as you" and there's a seven year karmic cycle. Solar winds stream out at millions of miles per hour . . . hyper-active during solar storms, these winds are a blast of plasma -- charged electrons, protons, photons, and neutrons -- creating an interplanetary magnetic soup.

This carries core, natural information throughout the solar system that your consciousness, when it’s awakens, can decode. The photons (light particles) are the message agents; they’re either on, or off -- exactly the binary code of computer programming . . . (ones) and (zeroes) combined in strings. Nature messages this way to everything . . . even your thoughts and feelings. Now is the time of Winter Solstice in the North when the Sun is at its furthest point south. This means that the Sun is less influential on your thoughts and feelings, and the greater influence comes from the depth of your inner meditation without outside radiation. For those of you in the South, this is your Summer Solstice and the Sun is giving you its boost of highly charged photonic messaging. Both of these conditions are why you feel more refreshed in nature . . . you're thoughts are either inner-cosmically, or outer-solar charged . . . your feelings are clear. This is why mystics would live in the solitude of nature.

Our prayer is that you allow yourself an experience of nature right now; that you practice yoga and build your natural magnetic field; then isolate with stretching and silence; breathing and mantra, and get back to the natural you. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci