Connect With Stillness 


When there's curiosity in your breath; a curiosity in the heartbeat, there’s a sense of motion even in stillness . . . of stillness in the motion and the emotion. Nothing is new, or old, just encountered in the motion and the stillness that’s continuously cycling. This is the ‘quasar’ of your mind turning on and off in a continuum. In this continuum, it’s said, "What goes around, comes around,” as all of your moments, all events, all encounters are merely collections, interactions and amalgamations of previous encounters, events, and moments. It’s the law of karma, it’s the cause in the effect, and your mastery is the ability to separate the contributing factors -- one from another -- and clearly recognize their individual contributions.

Wants come in multiples; responses are linear . . . coming one at a time. But this “one at a time” is also a compound structure within a collection of multiples. Conscious awareness sorts through these layers, perceives connections amongst the compound structures, and experiences many degrees of satisfaction as the sensation of wants connect to their layers of receiving . . . the recipe for curiosity. However, when there’s a predisposition for disappointment -- even though there’s abundant reception -- this connection is missing. This is how the emotional body controls your perception in the physical world . . . moments become distorted. At the quantum level, this controls manifestation . . . the observer and the observed are intricately interwoven.

Our prayer is that you add curiosity to each breath you breathe and beat of your heart; that you allow the layers of your wanting to connect with each moment of receiving, and then manifestations will become infestations of satisfaction . . . a recipe for fulfillment, even when your moments appear to be challenged. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci