Exist Transparently


Just as it was once necessary for signals to be carried by wires, and now it’s not -- for sounds to require physical instruments to hold their recordings in place, and now it’s not -- everything, in the future, will be signaled, recorded and held without any physical mechanisms whatsoever. All information will simply require an electromagnetic field of intersecting waves and the algorithms to run them . . . the "worm-cam" -- described by Arthur C. Clarke -- is arriving. The required mechanics of recording are already reduced in size, and soon they'll all but disappear . . . the “camera” a quantum level of intention, requiring nothing but the ideas held in its light and the echoes of its vibrations. 

The recording of video and audio in any moment, for any location -- no matter when, or where it takes place -- is going to be common. All that will be needed for the capture of this information will be an awareness of the longitude, latitude, altitude and a sketch-measure of the timings involved. Every event, of any moment -- past, present, or future -- will be translated into an image and a sound . . . accessed from the records known as the akasha . . . the data held in the ethers. Once upon a time you could not record anything; then there was a time when you needed a huge physical presence of equipment to record it. In the coming time, none of this is required, nothing but the history, or future history, contained within the quantum units of space, and an algorithmic reader to translate them. This will resemble a flawless psychic . . . able to display the intention of any moment, in any location . . . always.

Our prayer is that you’re ready for such a future without any secrets; that you’re willing to participate at this level of transparency, and that you’re able to understand the quantities of faith, trust and honesty required to exist in this existence . . . otherwise, such a dream of the future will become an historical nightmare. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci