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Thanksgiving is gratitude, the presence of personal power within the total absence of doubt. Doubtless power is so vulnerable, it's highly intuitive -- so realistic, it's able to sense what actually is, in the presence of what appears to be.

The power of gratitude is embedded in its excellence -- a radically blatant; courageously radical, carefreeness. Excellence is a path that overcomes all confrontations of doubt; all temptations that disrupt the sensation of gratitude, and all sensations that derail the giving within thanksgiving.

The other component within this human psycho-emotional algorithm is forgiveness, which is the giving forward from all moments in the past, ones that were extremely hurtful, into the moment of now . . . the only moment alive with its core value of joy . . . the joy of total presence. Lord Buddha said, “At the core of every other emotion is joy.” Joy is the base value of the emotional body -- all other emotions are mixed on top of it. When you're emotionally present with [what is], rather than [what appears to be], then you're in the moment of now, where the base sensation is the value of joy. Lord Jesus said, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.” Forgiveness is the giving forward that attaches to thanks . . . a recognition of the joy-filled lessons, buried in the treasures of pain.

Our prayer is that you locate your joy in every moment with gratitude; that you give all other moments forward to the presence of this sense of now; that you recognize the [what is] in the maze of [what appears to be], and in such presence of excellence, you intuit a doubtless path of thanksgiving. 

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