Your Birthright…Your Destiny…Your Song


Step by step, the micro-moves of life create your world through anatomical energies playing guidance songs to destiny. At the very top of your spine, where it inserts into the skull, there's the most primitive part of your brain . . . the earliest animal region of your memorable existence.

Here, the rough rhythms and extraordinary melodies hold the barbaric memories of times lived in danger . . . lives kept alive through fear. This -- including the medulla and pons -- acts as the “gate” -- separating this barbaric past from your highest awareness of an enlightened future. Filled with instinctual survival triggers, this region of your brain keeps life operating under a security system of base emotions, reacting to everything in simplistic two dimensional terms . . . good/bad, right/wrong, yes/no, safe or dangerous. In today’s world, these two dimensional restrictions are cleverly masked behind all your distractions, and the host of your intricate complications within each moment . . . the sophistication of deception. But they're all very present in full force . . . managing every mood in each moment from behind a screen of “busy”.

To reach behind these controls; to have a more conscious experience of what's really happening in your life, you must allow this reticular formation to play out its story in your meditations. If you don’t, it will play you out of your story. Once you've allowed this screen to show its version of you, embrace it as you would a frightened child, for that’s what it is. Within this embrace, you can consciously guide this inner conversation toward a far higher awareness . . . toward understanding . . . toward courageous grace.

Our prayer is that you master these moves and pass through this "gate"; that you sing and chant to soothe the frightened child of your instincts, and live in the higher awareness of ease, joy, knowing and liberation . . . your birthright . . . your destiny . . . your song. 

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