Transform Your Age Into Agelessness


Existence is an agreement between your observation and your experience . . . it’s the agreement of making your experience explainable, believable and sensible to the senses. Within this agreement, it's imperative for you to re-reach toward your actual ‘evolutionary-age’ -- the age of the wisdom you’ve gathered throughout tens of thousands of incarnations. This is to be accomplished as quickly in each life as possible, for birth and childhood are often detrimental to this re-reaching with their traumas and dramas. You must clear this sense of powerlessness and recall the billions of years you’ve experienced.

With this in mind, remember, chronological age is a definition of fiction -- less focus on this and more on your ‘evolutionary-age’ is key. "Old" is an assumed sensation that limits your sense of spacetime. Go for being not old, but a ‘wisdom-keeper’ . . . your spacetime expands exponentially. Without any fictional limits, you live infinitely in an ever increasing hologram. Here, chrysalis compounds of gel filled with imaginal cells, creates a future in your mind that’s projected into your physical world. Just as the caterpillar transforms into a butterfly, it’s up to you to use these stem cells to unfurl your wings of destiny . . . transform your age into agelessness . . . your current lifetime into all of your lifetimes.

Our prayer is that you re-reach the joys of simplicity; rediscover the pathways into eternity, and become the stewards of happiness . . . assets of the agreement between your observation and your experience . . . activate the imaginal cells that are building every tomorrow. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci