2018 The Year of Equality and Equilibrium


We are on the eve of a new year. Numerologically, 2018 is equal to 2+0+1+8 which is 11 -- the number of balance; structure; equality and equilibrium. lt’s the equal sign turned on its side, and your equality and balance is actually on the side of infinity. Infinity, when it’s matching your finite frequency, is your ability to merge and vibrate the Cosmos -- to open the way of your way . . . the little wheel in a gearbox that’s mightily turning the far larger wheel with great efficiency. This delivers the sensation of liberty and freedom as you equal up and move the cosmic order around you.

An awareness of another world, existing inside you, opens beyond the non-logic of a world inside a world. Filled with the fundamentals of ease, joy, knowing, and the freedom of liberation, it's the world of the Soul's liberty . . . the freedom of eternal existence. This world of liberty and freedom is the world at the core of all life; it's the world all living existence is based in; it drives life’s quest amongst the contrary patterns of survival. The majority of humanity is trapped in these instinctual patterns struggling for survival, never having the fortune, opportunity, or destiny to experience anything close to this freedom -- never tasting the unforgettable sense of liberty that appears when the Soul body takes the lead. This is why war is prevalent; why dishonesty is rampant, and why this coming year is important. If you take the initiative, this new year makes the impossible possible.

Our prayer is that you give yourself this new year with a new perspective; allow yourself to become the freedom the soul knows and was born in your body to be; become equal to everything that’s presented -- a balance point that discovers equilibrium each day. Make 2018 your year. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci