Elevate not Evaluate 


Take note of the people around you, experience those who are evolutionary leaders in their families . . . like you . . . these kindred spirits have incarnated in so many ways over aeons. Family, friends, partners, lovers, and acquaintances have been in your evolutionary incarnate clan for millions of years and tens of thousands of lifetimes. The space around you -- that you all occupy -- is not billions of years old, it’s trillions; quadrillions; quintillions; and far more, yet these intuitive empathics -- just like you -- are even older than this. Often far too sensitive for the grossness in the space of this place, you’re the ones who have come from the future, from realms where there's no such concept as ownership and competition . . . just cooperation, compassion, and a deep understanding.

This current realm, filled with toxins, is too intolerable for your sensitivity. No wonder you find yourselves creating a life of your own, stepping into your authenticity and striving to elevate yourself and others. You're the 'evolutionary leaders' . . . masters and messiahs in the making and remaking. Use your feigning energies and 'performances' to deflect and diffuse those who act brutally. They’re being controlled by the toxins and when you feign their energies, you elevate the reachable and teachable, rather than evaluating the brutality. This is the heart over the head, happy over right, and it’s essential that you learn this . . . choose which brain to use at every moment. Just as a fine craftsman learns to choose the right tool for the right job.

Our prayer is that you use the heart-brain to elevate rather than the head-brain to evaluate; that you create your life with grace and ease, and influence everyone around you without hesitation, even when you’re criticized for it . . . this is your birthright -- born for the Earth’s right of passage. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci