Remember the Songs of Your Soul

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Before birth, a child in the womb is aware of everything within time and beyond time. It’s the drama and trauma of the birthing experience that creates anxiety in the child’s body and drops this knowledge of higher dimensions. This then causes the nervous system to concentrate on challenges of three and four dimensions . . . the need for food; the need for connection, and the need for recognition . . . all are important, but not all-important. This locks the child into this one life -- the actual purpose of the trauma of birthing -- and all of that awareness is to be regained through the more conscious experiences of life.

Physical, emotional, mental and existential pain are caused by a resistance to opening this massive cosmic storehouse of information . . . the information that the child embraced before birth. It’s in your moments of meditation that you can break rules that appear to be withholding this grand awareness. It’s up to you to question the veil of illusion -- question the moments in your world governed by “rules” made up by people no longer existing in your world . . . maybe never existed in any world. Ask yourself, who made up these rules and expectations, and for what reason? Besides the essential ones of ethics and morals, why do the other rules exist, and where did they come from? These are the values of important questioning.

Our prayer is that you’re filled with healthy questions, and you question the health of every rule that affects you and those you love; make certain, before you blindly follow the base of any social system, that it rings true with the songs you knew before you were born -- the universal songs -- ones that sing to the soul . . . that lift spirit beyond drama and trauma. Question authority and become your own authority . . . the author of your own sacred story. 

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