Perfect Balance Is Absolute


Perfect balance is absolute -- a condition without movement, for movement is derived from imbalanced balance. Imbalanced balance introduced the material Universe out of movement within nothing. It’s the ‘Big Bang’ of the science version; the ‘Word’ of the scriptural version, and the ‘reality’ you're experiencing from the version referred to in metaphysics. All of this came from imbalanced movement within the balance of nothing moving . . . an imbalance in the absolute balance. This introduced time as a cycle -- a constant searching for a balance point in the recurring cycles of tension, pressure, stress, and friction from which matter was condensed in motion. It's the dance between night and day; between movement and stillness, and between life and death. This is why your body ages and the Soul is eternal; why life is understood, and death is not . . . all cycles of time.

These cycles construct the sensation of time, but the sensation of time does not construct how you experience it -- it only constructs [that] you experience it. This is why the masters and mystics call time an illusion; they call it 'maya'. It's not that the cycles of time don't exist -- it's that your experience of them is by choice. At every moment there's every possibility, this is the nature of all things that arise from infinity into time and matter. Born out of the introduction of imbalance into the perfect infinite balance, the content of time; your sensations and outcomes from these sensations, their history, and anticipation is illusion . . . is of your choosing.

Our prayer is that you take hold of this choices; construct successful dreams over ‘time'; use every imbalance as fuel to move you forward in the timecycle. And in those moments of huge imbalance -- when chaos and uncertainty prevail -- refer to your relationship with infinity . . . it's the choice of overall balance. 

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