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The new democracies -- the ones required for a conscious future to serve life on Earth -- will have to be systems where great ideas rule the world, not the people who preach them. Great, benevolent ideas are not only potent and contagious, but extremely indestructible. Politicians in democracies are constructible, corruptible and destructible depending on the direction of the winds in their interests. When democracies are moved by the directions of the most powerful prevailing winds, there’s tremendous danger for a democratic majority to become a ruling mob. Great ideas, like nature, will require the same citizenry as corporations have claimed at this time, for great and benevolent ideas -- like nature and unlike corporations -- are essential to life. Ideas will need to demonstrate proper boundaries which work like a container for water . . . be it a glass, a bottle, or a straw.

These proper boundaries insure against spillage and provide accurate delivery to those in need. Mob-rule produces inappropriate borders; limits to your expression; suppression of your voices, and the reduction of your human rights and effectiveness. The best response, when such limits come into play, is a curious tongue . . . one listening as much as it speaks. Your tongue is connected to the parts of your throat where the Eustachian tubes lead to your ears. Through the network of fascia, the tongue also connects to your heart . . . igniting ideas that enable the give and take of breath and life. This is where ideas will govern the future -- will bond humans together, and will enable supportive understanding.

Our prayer is that you participate in these new democracies; that your tongue speaks and listens to great ideas that insure vitality; that you establish honest boundaries that maintain the citizenry of great ideas and of nature. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci