Be a Scout for the Future


There are many levels of living existence, and each of these levels has a unique destiny to fulfill. It’s a fact that some eighty-five percent of all dogs on this Earth have no master, they are homeless, except for the home of their pack with which they run. It’s also true that eighty-seven percent of all humans on this Earth have no master, are unaware of the mastery within them, and are homeless except for the bits of cement, wood and plaster they refer to as a house.

Worse off than the stray dogs, they are ill prepared to cope with this life in an uncivilized civilization. Ghost-thieves -- the nature of these barbaric brutes -- they pass as humans, with nothing humane about their lives. They brutalize everything that’s weaker, and dominate every land they consider of value. Many creatures are far more compassionate. 

Take the cases of mighty whales, seen fostering helpless seals, letting them climb upon their backs -- like an island -- for protection against the frenzy of feeding sharks. These are the actions of a highly evolved compassion; these are the actions of beings more compassionate than humans.

Then there are the lores of the silkies -- the seals who harbor a human inside -- stories of these mystical beauties, swimming the oceans long before humans . . . forward scouts who observed the needs that would occur when the humans arrived. With an intensely compassionate interest, the myths of dragons are also memories of scouting creatures, investigating the living conditions of this planet, then leaving an imprint for you and everyone else to benefit from.

Our prayer is that you’re interest is awakened by these mythical stories; that you have reasons to believe them and then feed on their sacred energy . . . be a scout who makes a difference for the future, here and now . . . tell the stories of an eternal time yet to come. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci