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Wisdom of great sages over the ages says, "Through the events of life you establish your sense of existence as a small child; your sense of authority as an adolencent, and your sense of identity as an adult." In order to establish you own identity, at the edge of space, in the middle of time, you must have a secure and courageous sense of purpose with higher guidance. This is the realm of your own 'polarity', of your 'polarity guide' if you will.

When you can only experience what is right before you, your 'polarity guide' can see beyond the edges. When you're overwhelmed by memories and anticipation, your 'polarity guide' is at the very calm center of each moment. When you are not certain who you are, your 'polarity guide' identifies within the impossible to appear possible in a heartbeat. Because the polarity of the impossible is the possible, and because in this universe for every action there is always a completely opposite reaction, your 'polarity guide' is your own highest awareness and has to be right there . . . always . . . it's a law of nature. The key is to make contact and use this power . . . this takes practice.

Our prayer is that you practice diligently every day: to know that your highly aware 'polarity guide' is always with you; allow the sensations of this connection to seep through each moment; gather the courage from being taken care of by such a wise, benevolent, un-wavering guide . . . with you right now . . . with you right here . . . it's your right of just being born. 

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