Shed New Light


Sometimes when you turn something around, you see it in a different light, from a different angle, and this new perspective causes even a threat to lose its threatening nature. Sometimes when you're taking something the wrong way, it appears threatening even where there is no threat. Fixation on an opinion does not allow for any changes to occur in these angles or perspectives . . . the process becomes exclusive, not inclusive, and exclusive can be ruthless . . . inclusion is usually very healing. There's a place for exclusivity, just as there's a place for inclusion, yet the fundamental nature of the human being is social and therefore inclusive. Any program that teaches us to include each other is helpful to this basic human nature, value and health. Mythic themes often told of the battles between those who were able to share everything and those who wanted "it" all for themselves. The dominant archetypes and super-heroes in these tales, were recognized for their inclusive collective campaigns. History shows us that every culture that made more importance of who was at the top of the power structure than the conditions of the masses, ultimately failed.

Our prayer is -- in today's atmosphere of leaders battling for iconic recognition, and the fear promoted onto the migration of unknown humanity all around us, and the fixation on differences rather than similarities -- that you change and play with the angles of your own perception, shed new light on all of these and other topics, weigh the benefits to the 'most' people rather than the advantages to the 'few' and teach this way of viewing 'space & time' to everyone you meet . . . just as the great masters throughout history did. Become the human being who is being humane -- you have this authority to make a great difference. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci