Understand Your "Languaging"


Existence is an agreement and a coordination between your sensory system’s observation of the illusion of what is, and the world of your experiences and actions . . . what your senses tell you is confirmed by your experience. Your actions are defined within a sensory landscape that’s continuously setting boundaries and parameters. You don’t walk through a wall, even though it’s filled with quantum-space, because of this agreement. But your innate human ability is to produce anything out of this illusion, and when you're advancing mastery gains access to a fifth dimension, you eliminate the common boundaries to the realms of miracles.

Words structure and define human thinking -- the control of 'languaging' either moves or removes your sensibility . . . the miraculous ability embedded within your senses. The word religion -- phonetically translated -- means ‘realizing origins’. Now it has become mere stories of ones who've realized their origins, rather than teachings to realize them yourself. When power is discredited from the time you learn to speak, your entitlement is removed from the words you use to form ideas; to have conversations, and to consider your deepest thoughts. You can’t approach your GOD-like abilities when you’re told this is reserved for the prophets. Your attempts only trip the tripwires of ‘word-rules’ trolling for blasphemy. This is the “emperor’s languaging.” Look at this through the lens of pure logic: you convey spirit through your cells, allowing consciousness to arrive as your lineage prescribes. There’s a continuity to this, but you’re here to break these genetic patterns; to radically change the translation of the signals from your soul body to the physical.

Our prayer is that you’ve shaken off the “emperor’s” propaganda and allow your ‘dream-brain-mind’ conveyance to paint new momentums; that you invite these new moments to become grateful for all the possibilities within your imagination, and then embrace the miracles that happen all around you. 

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#OurPrayerIsMary Seney Bucci