Light the Way


Crystals are the outward expression of your mineral incarnation’s inner clarity, and you’ve all been through these lives many thousands of times. Reaching back into these incarnate experiences, through deep meditation, creates an orderly internal structure to counterpoint the chaos being experienced in these less dormant incarnations as animals and humans. ln the mineral species, every crystal has the same base symmetry, this follows six formations with four invisible internal lines -- all different lengths -- meeting at the angles that form the crystal’s shape. The straight lines, about which the geometric figure rotates, are messages of each incarnation's instrumental structure and clarity within the fires that created it. Crystals are the earth's DNA, a chemical imprint guiding evolution’s wandering path forward. They are miniature storehouses containing the records of this Earth's development over billions of years, and bearing a permanent memory of the powerful forces that shaped the planet.

The Earth began as a whirling cloud of gas that created a dense dust bowl, that contracted into a white, hot, molten ball. Over eons, a thin layer of this molten material -- the magma -- cooled into the crust we call the earth's mantle. Inside the crust, the hot, mineral rich, molten magma, boiled and bubbled to create the crystal formations. Lemuria -- an ancient Pacific continent -- was buried from a massive collision with other tectonic plates. Buried hundreds of miles under what formed the Andes mountains, the gigantic crystals are still holding their energies of the Sunlight they captured while on the surface of the world for billions of years. The Amazon river flows from these giant crystals of Earth’s formation. This is why so many gems are found in this region.

Our prayer is that you reach back into the crystal clarity of your mineral past; that you hold this clarity up toward the faint light in the darkness of these times, and magnify this light for the future to unfold with loving kindness. 

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