Become The Brilliance That You Are

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There are newly discovered quantum crystals in deep space that defy Newton’s third law of motion. Their reactions are not equal and opposite to any original activity, but countless times greater than the stimulus. These may be the crystals, professed by the great mystics, that also enable extreme awareness as the Kundalini rises through the spine. ln the mineral species, every crystal has identical base symmetries no matter what size the crystal is. All minerals follow these systems of symmetry, but the new found quantum crystals have new angles mimicking patterns found in astrophysics. If these are those mystical crystals found in deep-space, and at the center of your body’s water -- particularly the cerebral-spinal fluids in the spine and neural centers (head, heart, gut) -- then this explains why enlightenment and astro-awareness coincide.

The ancient yoga and meditation masters -- thousands of years before the ability to measure deep space -- described the speed of light as 2,202 yojanas in half a nimisha, and that it accelerates even faster in these crystal environments. They described the distance to the Sun and the Moon; knew the Earth was round and the circumference, and the sounds, of all the planets. There were no miles, minutes and hours back then so they spoke of time and space in the terms they understood . . . blinks of the eyes, beats of the heart, and distances you walk during movements of the Sun and Moon. When you meditate your way out of the limitations of three dimensional space and the fourth dimension of time, you are free in this kind of freedom. They referred to this awareness as envelopment . . . wrapping completely around a moment. Envelopment is total equilibrium, balance, and union (yoga) . . . an intuitive leveraging; masterful observing, and the quality of absolute comprehension.

Our prayer is that you come out of all ignorance and into your envelopment; understand the cosmos and your own character standing within it . . . become the brilliance that you are and shine like the distant stars. 

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