Inspire Collective Thinking Over Competitive Thinking

OCT 26.png

In 1817 there were a billion people on this Earth; in 1917 there were one and a half billion people; now in 2017 there are seven and a half billion, and though there has been tremendous physical change and advances, the emotional infrastructure hasn’t been altered to the necessary degree, or improved upon as is required. Over the past two hundred years, humanity is still settling their disagreements with the force of ever more powerful weapons. When you add seven times the number of people, and fail to shift the collective emotional intelligence, there’s a series of catastrophic challenges becoming unavoidable, and the Earth is suffering under all of these right now.

An alternative to the present day education must be introduced to provide ‘K’ through ‘Twelve’ with subjects that inspire children to create solid connections with each other. These are the connections that are required throughout modern lives, where happiness is more important than being right and being right is a collective excellence, rather than an individual superiority. Tests will need to become group cooperations to teach individuals to join teams and share to compare ideas and arrive at the highest common conclusion. This is the union, yoga and unification that's required in this world, for at this time with seven and a half billion competing interests, there’s no more room for competing disagreement.

Our prayer is that you become a leader in this effort of collective thinking over competitive thinking; that you challenge the challenges in front of humanity and produce an alternative reality for life to flourish in a collective consciousness that is compassionately conscious. 

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