Shine Your En-light-ened Self

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Out beyond the Universal horizons is where the soul-body carries your spirit-body -- your accumulative consciousness -- to reboot its purpose and repurpose its reasons for existing. This is the journey that takes place when your incarnations have advanced to the mastery degree. Like parents taking a small child on an adventure when the child grows old enough to understand the meaning of the journey, the soul body carries your spirit-body out beyond the reaches of spacetime, and introduces it to an experience of the infinite void . . . the Parusha . . . floating like a feather in the winds of no-time. The soul-body -- the carrier -- is like electricity in the power grid of vast machineries. This “electric” soul is in everything that’s being powered with life, but nothing owns the soul-body that’s in it . . . it’s just passing through as a part of the total to power the experience. Spirit is the individual consciousness that travels with you throughout all of your lives . . . this is truly you at the center of you.

And as time doesn't pass -- but simply flashes on and off like a quasar beacon illuminating different parts of the whole -- ‘en-light-en-ment’ is the ability to understand these flashes of time’s beacon while holding the timeless whole. That which is considered dead is only different from being alive in the way your physical senses capture it in the light of this beacon. Each person has a different assignment in life and death to complete their assigned parts of this light’s beam with their destiny. When you meet someone who’s in the same part of the beam as you, there’s a familiarity that eliminates the need for explanation . . . you connect like family. This is the nature of relationships within the incarnations of your assignment.

Our prayer is that you’re able to distinguish between your assignment beyond these horizons and your alignment with this beacon of flashing time; that you embrace the whole while focusing on your part, and then with all of this understanding, you stand under all life to support it as it floats 'feather-light' in the timeless winds. 

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