Engage Your Presence

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There are millions of masters, messiahs, and prophets on Earth right now . . . you’re one among them, and yet at times, you feel all alone. There’s a reason for this aloneness, for you, and the others in this same state of ultra-awareness, are yet unaware of each other’s presence. All of your daily realizations are revealing the deepest nature of the world around you, but do not reveal the ones of this same nature around you. Of the millions just like you worldwide . . . some are sleeping, some are idle, some are disbelieving their awareness, some are resting, and some are stretching into their awakening.

And when you're occupied by the interactions of your preferences, rather than your presence, you struggle inside the difference . . . the realm between preference and presence. It's in this difference where the loneliness resides. When you’re lonely, you’re in the difference between the many polarities: confidence and frustration; anticipation and inspiration; hope and despair . . . all a self-preserving reaction to the loneliness of difference. Now is the time for you to fully engage your presence and discover the presence of others. Wake up the choir with your confidence . . . release the lonely struggle, and deliver yourself to this moment. Become an unapologetic advocate of your full and overwhelming presence. Devotions like enthusiasm, joy and inspiration are guides and kindred spirits from your future . . . they’re here with you to navigate the present. Whenever you’re having a lonely reaction to any moment, conjure up these spirits as your cure.

Our prayer is that you arrive enthusiastically refreshed at this moment’s assignment with your alignment to spirit; that you meet and discuss with everyone around you in a moment, all the ways you can realize who they are, and always speak to strangers to realize they’re as strange as you, but also essential for achieving the destiny of mastery. 

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