Practice Faith + Trust

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The top vertebra in your spine is the atlas vertebra, one that gives your body its relationship with unmeasurable infinity -- the seat of faith --  it’s a devotion that's capable of moving you through territories without definition, or familiarity. The next vertebrate is the axis vertebra, the second vertebra in your spine. This defines your relationship with those things to be measured . . . the finite world -- the seat of your trust --  a devotion that's capable of forming relationships in these uncharted waters of unknown entities. Navigating the waters of risk is prevalent today. It's these waters that gives people pause in a world appearing untrustworthy. When this area of your spine is open, you raise the light force of the kundalini to shine out into these unknown waters.

Rising from its resting point, near the base of your spine, to the crown of your awareness, near the top of your head, the kundalini turns your physical body into an instrument for mastering life. The faith and the trust you capture within each moment becomes your road to enthusiasm . . . then inspiration arrives once enthusiasm paves the road. Devotions are more capable of navigating and building in the third and fourth dimensions than your emotions are. Emotions are the tools of heavy destruction and reconstruction, where the devotions are instruments of the fine craftsman . . . the artist’s finishing touches. How you hold your head with these two top vertebrae, helps you in learning to master the devotions. This is the nature of a life lived with light.

Our prayer is that you learn, throughout your life, to use the devotions of faith, trust, enthusiasm, and inspiration to light each moment; that you use these brighter moments as opportunities to teach such skills to others, and then gather the light hearted people around you to make a difference on Earth.

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