We Are All One

OCT 26.png

At the rim of each megaverse, where every Universe falls away behind the fabric of spacetime’s horizons, there, all the dimensions dissolve and perceptions disappear. In this realm beyond mastery, and before the mystery of the void, there's nothing holding the integrated fields of matter together . . . they disintegrate into the ‘one-thing’ . . . the same-one-thing that makes up all-things. Just as the black-holes -- at the center of all galaxies compress everything into nothing -- this realm beyond the Universal horizons . . . without the tensions, pressures, stresses, and frictions of the material fields . . . expands everything into the ‘one-thing’.

This is called the ‘unified-field’ where everything is literally the same one-thing. In this unified-field -- [you] -- the masters of the Universe -- extend timeless moments in a super-momentum, where warp-speeds advance consciousness farther than any of the incarnations can experience it. This is the realm where all identity is surrendered, allowing a connection to the absolute freedom of infinity to take place. This is where the soul-body drives your spirit-body for a refresher course in what’s to come after everything in these physical dimensions has been graduated and you no longer need to take on form. This is where you are in the future of the future . . . the future after every life on every planet . . . a reality beyond the fantasies of all your life experiences in your many bodies.

Our prayer is that you’re ready for this ultimate ride, and you take it as often as you pray and meditate; that during this ride you surrender the sense of self as the owner of anything and release yourself into an experience of everything, and with this experience you learn to appreciate every aspect of every world from the position of a passion inside compassion. 

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