You Are What You Eat

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Introduce ‘blood-food’ from slaughter into a plant-based biology and you create the psychology of relentless aggression. Place weapons of total destruction into the hands of these relentless aggressors, and you produce the endless wars of today . . . a constant cataclysm on steroids. These are the circumstances this Earth is suffering. It’s up to you -- the millions of highly advanced human beings, with a truer sense of life -- to gather your forces and produce a creative global shift in the current level of consciousness.

Crisis and catastrophe -- both natural and manmade are defining the only way to make it through these times . . . you’re the ones who will listen, learn, and guide it forward. Today is the great flood; the epic fires, and the horrendous quakes of historical mythology all combined into a single moment of unmatched proportions. Human beings have a remarkably sensitive plant-based biology; you’re not prepared to withstand the pressures and aggressions that are excited by the inherent violence inside ‘blood-foods’ . . . the insensitive slaughtering. These inherent violences literally wipe out the compassion and companionship that bonds you together. The carbon exchange between the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom is the genetic core of living and sharing for each other. When your ‘plant-based’ biology consumes the slaughter of life, it’s as unnatural and unhealthy as cannibalism. Human beings are the stewards of life, you’re corrupted by ingesting death. The plants that are eaten remain alive; their life is extended when introduced into the life of your animal body . . . they do not die, but live on in your cells . . . life enhancing life.

Our prayer is that you become an advocate for the nature of nature’s ways; that you recognize the basis for human unrest and aggression is the food and non-foods that are consumed. “You are what you eat” . . . allow the example of a more natural life to influence the world around you. 

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