Reach Out to Your Guides and Angels

OCT 26.png

Everyone has thousands of guides surrounding them. They’re waiting for you to notice their presence; to become aware of their guidance, and to rely on their messages from the future and the past to enrich the present moment. They offer their divine neutrality to smooth the pathway through these times of brutality. You too -- with your advanced awareness gathered while living on planets of the future -- are from beyond this brutal moment.

The primitive activity, here on Earth, makes no sense to your biology, psychology, or emotional systems. You're from so far beyond this that it’s painful to experience the brutality in its backwardness. Many of your previous lives were hundreds, thousands, and even millions of years older . . . further into the future from right now on Earth. Life on this planet, in this brutal moment, makes no sense to this sensitivity. However, you're painful psycho emotional experience can be used -- with the soothing of angels -- to register these current barbaric frequencies, and then from your future experience, create alternative channels for life. With the assistance from these “angelic” guides, you assemble old memories of higher frequencies . . . alternatives far beyond this nonsense where a calming comfort encourages growth. Without the coziness of innocence, growth will not reach, or teach anyone. This is why relating to these future frequencies -- these entities of greater awareness -- is so vital to life on Earth right now . . . even when most Earthlings reject it.

Our prayer is that you reach out to your guides and angels; that you relate to these masters who’ve gone before you -- both ancestors and strangers -- and then synchronize their advantages with your advanced sensibilities. This connection will engage the tides that lift all relation “ships.”

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