Surrender Into Love

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When you experience the sensation of extreme and total safety, and you’re in the presence of another person, you have the feeling that’s commonly interpreted as love for that other person. All life lives in, and is nourished by an ocean of this energy called love. It is omnipresent -- it’s everywhere -- but you rarely experience it because it’s always there. Like anything that’s constant, eventually it’s ignored because it never changes. When you experience extreme calm and safety, it opens your vulnerability, this allows the constant, unnoticed sensation of love to dominate the moment . . . you feel the feeling that’s already been and always will be present.

You feel it because it’s fluctuating. The presence that’s forever present, but never experienced, becomes obvious in your vulnerability and the safety of your openness. When you experience overwhelming safety you also experience the joy that exists everywhere along side love. This is the joy of your empathy experiencing another’s joy. This is the overwhelming nature of joy that causes you to be vulnerable; when you’re vulnerable you’re intuitive; when you’re intuitive, you understand the other person, the moment, and everything in it . . . including all the other devotions such as love, joy, faith, trust, inspiration, enthusiasm, gratitude and commitment. All of these are the contagions on the pathway of your destiny. Becoming mindful and paying attention at this intersection of emotions and visceral devotions, engages your physical diaphragm and the vagus-nerve. This is why the sensation of love is so physical, and this intersecting point becomes disorienting. “Falling in love” with a person is the same divine experience as merging with GOD.

Our prayer is that you allow yourself to fall deeply in love with your experience of love and joy for no reason; that you realize this is the fuel of all life, and use it to propel yourself forward. 

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