You Are Evolutionary Leaders

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In DNA there are invisible elements that hold new growth-buds. These wait to explode into unknown opportunities, far beyond the emotional charge and psychological limitations of your already known/experienced choices. These growth-buds are called imaginal cells, they force you to grow beyond your choices of comfort, and into a future of the world in your destiny. Family works with this as the fundamental purpose of bloodlines; they’re in your life to navigate the difficult angles . . . the ones you’d avoid if the bloodline connection wasn’t right there. That’s why family can seem irritating at times . . . you share common genetic challenges that reach far beyond the gentler parts of other -- non-bloodline -- relationships. You must learn to tack within these angles of familial winds; feign away the perceived meanness of ‘blame-based’ remarks, and capture the essence which is inside the energies of DNA.

Feigning is the ability to engage this energy without engaging the emotional charge of the energy. Those of you, on the cutting edge of evolution, are being both raised by, and then are raising your families all at the same time. You are the evolutionary leaders of a much larger tribe. This is a spirit based art and science -- one of the principles of the Tao . . . the way of the way. There’s deep compassion and understanding in these growth-buds . . . access it to handle family and tribe. This means that you do not have the option of interpreting their behavior as anything except, "their behavior." It's what it is, and you must accept it and deal. This also means you cannot have expectations that conflict with performance. When their performances comes through -- be it anything from disapproval and hurt, to reactions of jealousy with your excellence -- you must view it all as a parent/teacher would. Use it -- without emotional charge -- to calculate your next angle of tacking and presenting next lessons to be learned.

Our prayer is that you realize you can do this, and then do it with grace, and without question. 

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