Breath Is Evidence Of Life

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Breath is a continuous thread that ties the moments of life together. The moments of life -- like beads on a necklace, or mala, are micro-opportunities to observe the connections across everything . . . the myriad of ways that moments are but the facets of a single event . . . the singularity as physics is calling it. Working with the breath is one of the most effective ways of working with life, for the breath is evidence of life . . . the spirit that’s being inspired. The inhale is the inspiration, the exhale is the expiration, and when a person passes from their body for the final time, the person has expired.

Breath is the pathway you can travel into the deepest forms of your meditations, or even the shallower forms of contemplation. Known as pranayama, where prana -- the force which sustains life at the quantum level inside the cells, molecules and atoms -- connects to the oxygen you breathe. When you’re breathing consciously, you actually receive more prana into the quantum than when you’re breathing automatically and unconsciously. With more prana, there’s more opportunity for inspiration; with more inspiration, there’s greater chance of innovation; with a greater chance of innovation, there’s countless opportunities for the inventions of intuition . . . hence the systems ability to work around the obstacles presented in life. This is why the second sutra of the Aquarian time is, “There’s a way through every block.” This is simply a fact that’s forever a fact . . . through conscious breathing it’s discovered. It’s the opportunity inside your breath.

Our prayer is that you’re ready to take up these opportunities with each breath; that your passion in life is to remove all the blockage from life, and that you then connect to the moments beyond these blockages, where momentum ties everything together, and the results are joyful innovations. 

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