Our Untapped Resources


We have a huge, complex brain with 200 billion cells, neural pathways, and neurons. Imagine this fact: on a good day, as an evolved human being, we will only use 2 percent of this total brain.  Imagine how much could be accomplished if you are able to access a greater portion of this massive computing device. As it stands 75% of the brain is dedicated to all of our subconscious functions.  These are the functions that we really need not think about such as our heart rate, metabolic rate, the way our nerves carry impulses, and much more.  However, since this also develops all of our emotional content by regulating the secretions of the glands and organs, it is a portion of our life that will be extremely powerful for us to use if we learn how to connect with it.

There is one area in the subconscious however that we are able to co-produce in; this is the area controlling our breathing.  The more we consciously breathe, the more we are able to connect to the breath, moment to moment, the more we access the subconscious.  Yoga and meditation give us an abundance of these opportunities.

We have yet to awaken these subconscious parts of our brain—and we cannot access them all—but we can access enough to make a difference. This is where the metaphysical world meets the physical world and this coming period of time—known as the awakening age—will require this meeting.

Create great discipline and daily efforts in your life filled with these conscious and compassionate practices of yoga and meditation. This is what we are going to be focusing on over the next decades as teaching masters—the expansion of our brain capacity to gain the subconscious leverage that creates an extraordinary life of intuitive awareness. Join this age of awakening and fully live your life.