Our Unique Velocity


Space-time -- commonly referred to as 'reality' -- is perceived remarkably different by different observers. With all their different 'velocities' . . . those unique perceptions produce opinions, conclusions, decisions, and ultimately the supporting thoughts and feelings. It's a fact of science -- every person has their own unique 'velocity' like a virtual fingerprint. These 'velocities' are both external and internal . . . three-dimensional, and virtual. The internal velocity is sensory perception experienced through the movement of your brain-mind connection, measured in 'frames' or 'cycles' per second. The external velocity is your physical movement through three-dimensional space. The combination of these two velocities produces the fourth dimension of time . . . both the logic of this time, and the non-logical sensations of time.

The discrepancy, the difference, or comparison between these two forms of time -- leads to a majority of the problems/challenges amongst the observers . . . the people. Since these observations with all the opinions, conclusions, decisions, thoughts and feelings -- produce the phenomena of the experience . . . to think of it as a 'reality' is actually a 'fantasy'. Masters would call this fantasy . . . the illusion . . . the maya. Now, think of this more boldly, more proactively: if you give yourself the authority to be your unique velocity; to observe all phenomena, in your experience, through your own unique velocity -- then you give yourself the right to be you . . . with your vision, mission, and purpose, your total uniqueness . . . to really be you.

Our prayer is that you make your move to be this bold; commit to a daily process that convinces you of who you truly are in practical terms; launch this as a commitment so that it obligates you to be proactive when you'd rather hide; rejuvenate yourself . . . be bold and don't ever fold.

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