Our Stories


Your story identifies how far you are from now. Your story identifies how separate you are from this moment of existence, the only moment that is truly alive. So what are you doing in your life? Are you frantically spinning that story, or are you trying to unravel it? Are you creating more distance, or are you minimizing the distance? How do you feel? Maybe you don't even know; maybe you haven’t checked lately. Maybe your life exists in your head, and you don’t get in touch with how you feel. So your life stinks, because it's been stagnating for at least ten years. It's through this discontent with our lives that we're able to slowly realign the frame rate of our brain with the frame rate of the space around us. In doing so we begin to lose the desire for the space around us to become like the frames inside us, and the two come together and make a perfect match. When that happens, we can identify ourselves, which scares us because we’re not used to it, so we run away, and once again we can't identify ourselves because we disappear. But then we shift the frame once more, and now we can identify ourselves again because we begin to feel the tension, the stress, the pressure and the friction. So we make up new thoughts about the tension, pressure, stress, and friction—stories that tell us, okay, I have this tension and pressure and I am incredibly busy. And this gives us our new identity.

Then we feel good because we're identified. Well, actually, we feel like garbage, but we're still good because even though we feel like garbage, we're identified. We know what to do. We have challenges to meet. That calls for putting on a shirt and getting to work on time. We’ve got to fix this economy. We’ve got to bring peace to the world. These would be easy fixes, but nobody will agree. Why? Because the lack of settled economy, the lack of peace gives us an identity, and when you really want to identify yourself, you manufacture pressure, tension, stress, and friction. You really torch the place. Then you're lost in duality, in twoness. You haven't even gotten to three, where the real excitement begins. You're just lost in two, the continuous question. And you don’t want the answer, which is right there, because that solves the quest and then you can't see yourself again.