Awareness Delivers Wisdom 

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Nationalities, anthems and flags are not the nature of nature, but the unnatural measurements of human beings. A bird flies from one country to another without papers, or rules . . . any animal Being alert and being aware are two entirely different systems. Alertness is the sympathetic nervous system of being on edge; awareness, the parasympathetic system, is calmly able to see beyond the edge. Being alert, is a Beta [and/or] Gamma state of the head-brain frequency . . . very rapidly cycling, on and off, to fend off dangers at any moment, but not open to the vast alternatives. Being aware, is an Alpha [and/or] Theta state of the head-brain frequency . . . relaxed and meditation oriented, which involves the gut and heart-brain’s deeper intuition with every observation. This is open to the vast options that each moment offers; it’s able to access solutions adjacent to every challenge, as the adaptogenic peptides flush into the body’s circulation.

Awareness allows perception to discover alternatives to blocked pathways . . . infinity contains infinite alternatives. This is why Kundalini yoga -- the yoga of awareness -- is so vital in these times . . . and caffeine -- the drink of alertness -- can be disruptive. Alertness reacts to the unfamiliar with familiar responses . . . not what’s needed. Unknowns stimulate growth; growth delivers challenge . . . when you apply alertness to correct challenge with familiarity, you end up back where you started . . . zero progress. It’s counter intuitive to rely on such familiar instincts; circling back to the beginning produces stagnation without progress . . . circles of familiarity and ignorance. Today’s needs and challenges are unlike anything that’s ever been -- awareness, not alertness, delivers the necessary wisdom.

Our prayer is that you’re done with old familiar circles; that you’re prepared to courageously move into unknown realms . . . to deliver balanced, intuitive and calming awareness. 

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