There is Order Without Orders

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Nationalities, anthems and flags are not the nature of nature, but the unnatural measurements of human beings. A bird flies from one country to another without papers, or rules . . . any animal can, except those “owned” by humans. Before ‘partition’, lands, wherever you lived, were available to use . . . you could live, grow, and build without ownership. Then came the concept of ‘landed gentry’, those who owned the land by the decree of a monarch, and those who must work it, by the chance of their birth. This was all the result of carnivorous attitudes prevalent from the ice ages . . . territorial laws that never existed amongst more natural and indigenous cultures. Even the word law, which is derived from the word logic, is about that which can be measured by the five senses.

What about the remainder of the Universe which is invisible to the senses -- cannot be measured, or calculated, and makes no sense. What about infinity, which the Cosmos most definitely is. This is not logical; not measured by dimensions, and more of all that is, is in this realm -- far beyond calculations where dark matter and dark energy are not logical, they’re maa-gical. The rule of law is unnatural at its core. The idea of ownership and logic, only apply to that which is sensible, yet there's not any perceivable border between the senses and the invisible maa-gic . . . no lines of demarcation . . . they coexist. How do you know when you’re inside, or outside the realms of the laws to obey? You don’t . . . there's no way to know this . . . yet the brain has been trained to claim otherwise. The counter argument is, without the rule of law there'd be chaos, but what about your entire body's ‘self-organizing’ systems of nature; that your brain-mind conveyance is a cosmic-flow of order, not orders . . . there's order without orders.

Our prayer is that you’re more in touch with the order of harmony than you are with the orders of humanity; that you focus your attention, rather than standing at attention, and that you believe in the Divine right of life, not the rights of false divinities.

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