Opportunity in Possibilities


The fundamental ideas, the concept of your life, the light of your purpose to exist was installed into your spirit, also known as consciousness, by the Universal (non-personal) intelligence before the moment of your conception. You then carry this purpose in your body, primarily your pelvic bowl throughtout your life on Earth. It's activated by the movement and relationships inside your body . . . a lot of this in the spine, the pelvis, the hips to the thighs, and on through the cells of your entire form. All of this plays a role in shaping and reshaping your world. Your anatomy emerges from this cosmology exactly as the equation of your evolution defines it; this anatomy guides your psycho-emotional expressions throughout life. When you do nothing to change it, you're living in your 'fate' . . . when you put forth effort of change, you're living your 'destiny'. It's all up to you. In fact, every single cell in your body contains the same DNA. There's over six feet of DNA in every cell -- tightly wrapped and folded like a spool of thread -- but from one cell to another it functions differently. The way it's wrapped determines these differences. The genes on the outside are active, the inside ones are dormant. Every possibility is always there within everyone . . . your attitude, posture and movement will eventually create the 'you' as 'you'. Information coded into the wrap of your DNA shapes which genes are expressed, but it's open to change. You can alter your physiology and psychology over time through consistent efforts, focused habits and feedback loops building into confidence. Our prayer is that you're willing to put forth the effort to create the world you desire; that you are encouraged by all feedback (positive and negative), and discover the opportunities within the unlimited possibilities . . . every possibility is there to write your destiny . . . dive into it . . . make it happen and it will.