Opening the Mouth of Time


Scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia, have used particles of light (photons), to show that light can pass through a wormhole -- a fold-over of spacetime -- and interact with an older version of itself. The source of this time-travel phenomena comes from what are called “closed timelike curves” (CTC) are extremely powerful gravitational fields . . . waves from a black hole. According to Einstein’s theory of general relativity, these waves of gravity from CTC’s can warp the fabric of existence so extremely, that spacetime actually bends back over itself like a Mobius-strip -- creating a pathway to travel backward or forward in time. This actually disrupts the laws of cause and effect (karma) -- and the wisdom keepers, of ancient civilizations, knew about this; they’d use these dimensional phenomena to clear events from their past. Everything that these ancient masters practiced in these advanced civilizations -- a history buried by the Earth’s shifted tectonic plates -- are becoming measurable today by these new advancements in science. This clearing of past karma, masters referred to as “opening the mouth of time,” is achieved by re-experiencing a moment, without any guilt from the moment. When you don’t allow yourself to experience guilt, you remain wide-open to learn from the mistake. You can actually relive a previous moment, while it teaches you the better way of unfolding it. This takes tremendous discipline, to sit -- totally stable and unflinching, while the moment replays itself -- pain and all -- to demonstrate alternately available moments. At the end of this process, the best way forward is revealed; the complete lesson has been learned; the karma has served its purpose . . . it releases the emotional debris; the debt is deleted. Our prayer is that you use this innate ability to review your time with a mastery of life. Hold unfortunate moments, from the “past” of your existence; recapitulate them through your emotional stability -- forgive everyone (including yourself) -- absorb every lesson and return the moment to its natural joy. This is real . . . always has been real . . . it’s even science now.