open the harmonies of humanity


Yogi Bhajan was once told that he sang off key. He responded, "No, I sing my key -- you must be large enough to accept the harmony." Melodies and rhythms make up the music for the dance of your life. The melodies are the notes that you find in your thoughts and ideas, and the rhythms are paying attention to the beat of your heart and the pulse of your breathing that put these ideas into form. When you combine rhythm and melody the masters called it 'naad' in ancient Sanskrit. It's the sacred nature of the song that plays through the pages of your story. It's your life being written as a melody of ideas to the rhythm of your heart and breathing. As all of these songs are played, every one of you plays your own notes, yet the total composition is so huge that it accepts them all. It's up to each of you to find the harmonies in the passages; to find passages in the openings; to find openings where there appears to be no opening at all, and discover the simplicity of nothing where there appears to be too much of everything. This is the magic of your music and it takes discipline, which means to be a disciple of your existence, to keep playing. You are that disciple -- allow yourself to produce, direct, sing and dance the songs that appreciate your existence among everything and everyone else. There's no escaping from the songs that matter, no matter what you do . . . the music that matters keeps coming through, but when you ignore this music, that's where loneliness and suffering come in. These sensations are indications that you've stopped dancing. Our prayer is that you always listen to and sing the music of your life, dance at the core of your song, hear the harmonies where there are none and help the weary find their own song. Be a 'Pied Piper' and gather all the music into one giant symphony to believe, hope, live and inspire all around you to sweep out the old, keep up and welcome the new, use the bold, while shedding the timid and shy. Play with your own "key" and open the harmonies of humanity.