Only Children Should Act Like Children


There are certain tools during childhood that help stimulate our growth. Traits like doubt, jealousy, arrogance, fear, fascination, unresaonable humor and many more. As adults, however, we need to put away most of these traits as they do more harm than good. With the exception of unresonable humor and fascination, they will hold us back, disrupt our perceptions and create disharmony amongst our peers. An adult is not made through the passage of time. This is just chronological growth. Adults are made traveling through the years, dream by dream, accomplishment by accomplishment. Doubts slow down this process and still our progress.

Prefered tools at this stage are elegance, grace, integrity, courage. There is no place for arrogance, fear or jealousy.

By this measure, today is ruled by aging, adult-sized children. As a teacher you must learn to become a mentor to these adult-sized children. To do this without becoming frustrated, hurt or disappointed, without wrestling for control, is extremely important. These are the traits of children and will not serve you here, as they will only create a bigger struggle while dealing with the adult-children.