one single source


Space and time arrived and evolved simultaneously as space-time. Time is a perspective of space and space is perceived from within time. All arose from a single point of no dimension; now you and everything and everyone are still connected to that one point of original existence by the threads of expanding space-time -- rays and strings that shine out and stretch out from this single source. Science calls this 'the singularity' and when you view each other through this single common point, you are not separate at all. Over the ages, the millions of years, you have isolated and perfected your individual images to such an extent that you've forgotten this eternal connection at source. You, and everyone, have given away great power to this denial of connection -- like a leaf on a tree that does not believe it's fully related to the leaf hanging next to it, or on the far side of the tree. This sense of separateness gives rise to all of your negative emotions, the ones where you fear another leaf, doubt another leaf, believe that other leaves are your enemy . . . or at least not your friends. You share the same roots and trunk, you are the same life-force and whatever happens to another -- definitely affects you, even when you're not aware of it. Every other piece within the entire "tree" of this universe is connected to you; maybe a connection long forgotten and disconnected, but trace the entire threads and it's you. When your consciousness comes to realize this, you can leverage the knowledge and power of the total. When this leverage is used benevolently, it is wisdom. Our prayer is that you begin developing this awareness right away, and use this wisdom to connect each and every person you meet to each and every person you meet; that you discover the similarities among everyone and find the threads that connect you to these shared aspects. This will relax all your base emotions of separateness and activate the crystalline genes of creative non-reaction . . . this is truly you being one with everything.