Run the Risk of Being the Answer


When you are dedicated to raising the food for your entire village . . . you will always eat. Accused of being over idealistic, you run the risk of being an answer to all humanities challenges. This is a wonderful dilemma to be caught up in. This can be a real purpose-filled driver in your life. Remember however; when you take on these types of idealistic tasks there will always be push back both from without and within. The outside push back is obvious, but the internal ones are most clever. They create the foundation for your doubts, for your concerns . . . all the way up to your largest fears. They are rich earth for the internal ridicule and self defeating monologues that lurk in the shadows of the unconscious. They are always there waiting, just like mildew waits for dampness. You are not being targeted; don't take this personally . . . you are just an opportunity for either achievement or defeat. This is the nature of nature.

It is up to you to keep up; to keep yourself in the most conscious frame of mind. This is the duty of your daily practice . . . your Sadhana. How do you establish this practice? On whose back do you ride out into your world each day . . . your hero's back or the back of your naysayer . . . your inspiration's back or the back of your doubt? Make a conscious choice of the choice you make . . . every morning . . . every day.