Old Traditions, New History


There are many traditions that believe the Sun is the masculine Father--and the Moon is the feminine Mother. But there's nothing exclusively masculine about the Sun. In order for there to be light, there must be friction, and friction comes from the interaction of polarities. In order for there to be these polarities, there must be both masculine and feminine in the Sun. It’s healthy for traditions to die, and new ones born--generations and ideas develop to advance...not always repeat. If this were not the case, life would not evolve, it would devolve...the root of the word devil.

This holds true for all traditions--if they’re not flexible, they’ll stagnate and corrupt. With male and female--there's no comparison, or competition--just an awareness that opens to the infinite possibilities of progress within polarities. The future children must be born as bodies of possibility, with minds of wonder--not action figures that wander through traditional insecurities and conquer them with aggression. On the other end of life, cultures worshiping ancestors often find perspectives of intuitive clarity. Ancestors are present in a neutral body; this provides the gratitude needed for new angles within old traditions. Life is beyond spacetime for these angels, guides and power-animals (when they’re of other species). They're all around you by the thousands. They're completely aware of your beliefs--of what’s real and what's not--and they await your permission to connect and let you know.

The new evolution is one that engages all this life as a balance of creatures, genders and ages. This is nature--no superiority, no differences, and no hierarchies--all life is of equal value, and all plants and creatures are considered essential. Life, in this model is kept healthy, happy, and whole (holy); it’s nourished with food that's food; it exercises for both strength and flexibility; and it carries consciousness forward on a vast evolutionary voyage.

Our prayer is that you live your life with this fullness; that you remain forever open inside the old traditions, and write a brand new history...your path.

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