Even the nastiest of people, when feeling fully observed, feels beautiful. In that beauty, no nastiness occurs. You tell someone they are nasty with a look or with a sound and they defend themselves in that moment and nastily prove to you that they aren’t nasty. Remember even someone who is totally dishonest has arrived at that dishonesty honestly. If you had them all of those lifetimes and all of those same steps they took, you would be exactly like them. Bless yourself, bless me. That’s why the Buddha said when you see worthiness, praise it, and when you see unworthiness, bless yourself and follow the thread to find where it is connected to you. Can you be that soft? Can you walk into someone’s home and be so soft that you walk into someone’s kitchen and cook them a masterful meal and serve them as if the greatest host in the world were serving them in what is according to the baking gods, their home.