observe your breathing


You do not have a say, moment to moment, on how fast to beat your heart; you do not dictate, moment to moment, how fast to metabolize food, these are called autonomic functions. But think about controlling your breathing and you can control exactly how fast or slow you breathe . . . and then when you're not thinking about it, your breathing goes on without any conscious awareness or effort at all, just like every other autonomic function. Breathing has true shared management. All of these autonomic functions, including breathing, are controlled by the subconscious mind -- a portion of the mental body system you have very little access to. Autonomic functions also generate every emotion -- feeling-signals that are sent to the brain to produce thoughts describing the nature of each moment and prescribing a response. This is why you often sense you have no control -- emotions arising from the subconscious, not the conscious awareness are controlling you. The subconscious occupies seventy-five percent of the total mental body because there's a tremendous amount going on in the physical and the resulting emotional worlds . . . most of which you are never aware of. But remember the one physical function you share -- breathing can become a gateway, a pathway into your subconscious mind . . . the area with so much control of your life. Throughout history it has been known to every master that working with the breathing and subconscious mind is a way of mastering life -- control how you feel, and you can control how you react/respond to everything. Co-manage the breath and you co-manage the direction of the subconscious mind, the feelings, the emotions and resulting thoughts, the reactions, the expectations . . . the very road and direction of your life. Our prayer is that you sit and observe your breathing as often as you can; share the impulse 'to breathe' and watch how it releases the control of how you feel, think and act. Become the one who is co-managing your world and do this often -- at least for some minutes every day . . . it will change your life for good.