Observe and Absorb


You meet a person and you’re meeting more than a person in a moment, you’re meeting a journey. Every step has had four quadrants . . . gathering - balancing - acting - collecting. And all steps, with all their quadrants, have taken place before the moment at hand . . . yet all are actively affecting the moment at hand. It's vital to respond to the entire journey, not just the individual moment . . . this is compassion . . . this understands the whole person. Every person is an instrument that’s created to play the song of their consciousness throughout the circumstances of their life. No matter how well you play an instrument, the tuning is essential for there to be harmony.

Today’s world is working for the rights of the mightiest, but cosmic reality, and nature life in general, are far more served and sustained by harmony. When your base is compassion and understanding, you’re able to work with these harmonic intervals and relations. Like the music from an instrument, the joy is experienced from the journey of the sound, not just the techniques and positions of the player. Like a guitar that’s being played, there's far more in the guitar than the notes that are currently taking place. The trees that created the guitar grew up in a forest; the forest had animals and other birds playing in the branches; the metal strings were mined from the depths of the Earth, and this all came together in the luthier's shop. Such is the nature of each moment; such is the nature of each person, and such is the nature of each and every time you form an opinion about anything . . . you’re only forming an opinion with what you’ve allowed yourself to observe.

Our prayer is that you observe and absorb the most of each moment for the fullest perspective; that you realize the notes beyond the notes that are being played within every encounter, and you play with the entire orchestra of your life on each and every note.

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