Observation Is Everything


Observation is everything. In an immeasurable instant, observation creates the experience you are having right before your senses and all without your conscious awareness. This is known as Maya – the great illusion. It must be mastered in order to pass onto the next level of consiousness. Life’s greatest purpose and opportunity is to master the code behind this illusion and snap the “leash” that blinds you to its mystery. To master this is to first become aware that it is your observation that is creating your experience – everything that happens to you is in fact your responsibility.

Second, trust this awareness.

Lastly, trust yourself to experience the experience that arrives at your door, knowing you never receive more than you can handle.

When this all takes place in each moment without effort, you trust yourself without reservation. Now you will spend your life running “off leash” to create and recreate your reality. IN this state you live each moment for what it is and pass joyfully through these moments, retaining all the blessings and releasing the debris.