Noise of Existence


So incredibly intense is the buzz of existence that we have shielded ourselves from hearing it, but there is not just one of these, there are literally trillions of them spinning around and when you discover someone out there in which all of these holes line up, trillions of holes line up. Do any of you out there remember the first computers where we had these punch cards and they had these holes punched in them and what the computer was doing was sending an electric signal through the opens so you had like a hundred cards in your program and as those cards would shuffle, particular openings would create common to all the cards and through that opening the field could be sent through. The cards had many rows and columns and openings and they were called punch cards. It's like they count votes, if they count votes. We haven't completely determined that yet. So you have these whirling shields around your inclination to determine whether or not you're going to trust the reflection. Then you meet somebody and you go, oh hi and you have this moment. Your holes have lined up.

Yogi Bhajan made a joke, it's when you're holy. He said a holy man is a holy person whose holes have all lined up. It's a joke but it makes good sense also. Most of the time your holes aren't lined up. Most of the time you have a particular angle of the reflection, which is giving you an opinion of who you and giving you an opinion of who you're with and what's going on and did you know that was fiction? No matter how much it's convincing, no matter how much you believe it, it is fiction. It's an illusion. Your job is to not further identity the fiction, your real task is to further eliminate the fiction so that you can accept where you are and begin the journey. How would you like it to go to the Olympics track and field event and there is the starting line and there are the runners and they never line up? The sun keeps going and it gets later in the day and everybody out there just wondering around adjusting their socks and stretching their muscles and nobody lines up. Welcome to planet earth.