Think of a newborn baby and the absolute innocence. Total faith and trust are gifts to life from the core of this absoluteness . . . all needs and wants are met. Its identity is maintained through natural discipline -- meaning a ‘disciple’ -- rather than struggle . . . this tunes into destiny. Identity is the ‘entity’ of your ‘id’ -- your primary ego. When identity is aligned with your destiny, the physical world presents a lifetime of learning. Working with this ‘entity’ -- while being in tune through your discipline -- you experience your experience and learn from it. One of the fundamental lessons your absolute innocence is able to draw from this world is the impermanence of this world. It displays this impermanence, both consciously and unconsciously, through constant comparisons to the permanence of spirit. When in a state of absolute innocence, you're able to sense this comparison without fear. But when you’re at odds with the impermanence, you're constantly struggling against your spiritual comparison . . . you’re un-tuning your spiritual instrument and fearing the end of your physical one. The innocence of children allows them to identify with the permanence of spirit . . . their true identity. Like tuning a musical instrument and playing it well, a child grows easily while lavishing inside its own music. Each human has a core melody, and a core rhythm. Innocence allows you to bear witness to your song. You came into this world to play it . . . you did not come into life to copy anyone else's. You must accompany other songs -- that’s community -- but spend most of your time playing your own. If your instrument is out of tune -- even if you know your song well -- you’ll not find harmony. This is the importance of innocence . . . it tunes you into your health, happiness and conscious awareness (holiness) . . . you understand your life. Our prayer is that you realize all newborns know exactly what’s going on -- they simply don’t have the language to explain. Become this innocence and you’ll learn with their learning . . . this is self-hypnosis . . . it plays the song of your destiny. Sing and dance with it to your hearts delight.