New Perspectives (Part II)


Seek new perspectives through physical, emotional and psychological flexibility. Greatness does not arrive through great variety; discovery does not appear through endless travels. Great discovery arrives through seizing the momentum of a single moment within a single space. This is a new perspective. “But is it the perfect discovery, or even the best one?”

The answer is a realization. Perfection is the flexibility of absorbing the imperfections into the soul of each moment – backing yourself into the imperfectly uncomfortable corners where your greatest strengths are discovered. When you’re emotionally flexible, instead of emotionally reacting in fear, anger or retreat into sadness, you create the perfections that absorb everything standing in the way of your connection to your greatest strength.

The only illusion of your own inaction is what you believe you aren’t strong enough to handle. Make each uncomfortable corner your home – not a threat – and learn through this experience. Dwell in this collective home as a guest – not wandering the world searching as a ghost.

New Perspectives (Part II)

Avoid the discomfort and shock of your own impermanence by identifying with the permanence of these strengths, which have been gathering around life and your life forever. Learn to evolve. You know by now that all escapes are futile.

It is the complete lack of any escape plan (being trapped in a corner) that causes the creative strengths for dealing with any single moment until it is successfully fulfilled. Having access to run through the outside world at will is an attempt at postponing your growth until it’s “comfortable” – it will never be comfortable.

You are here to grow and the external comforts have never been evolution’s growing fields. True comfort comes when you’ve passed all tests of discomfort and are able to be completely comfortable anywhere and anytime. You only believe you aren’t strong enough because you have never allowed yourself to sit in this corner long enough for the proof of your phenomenal ability to arrive. You can do this.

Access the voice of these massive inner strengths by listening to their heartbeat as an absolute guarantee – not running to seek them out – but being with them. Trying not to react is futile at this moment – having nothing to react to is the nature of the path. This is the goal of your growth, which is the purpose of your life.

The foundation of all this cornering, growing and strengthening is self-compassion. It can never be a target or a goal, for it is a by-product of simple being real in real time. Self-compassion, the highest form of human behavior, is the state of being seen by the self as perfect through the imperfect views of your eyes and those of others. Seeing yourself as being perfectly-imperfectly-perfect in the mirror of the material reflection. With these views come the solace and grace and comfort beyond any imaginable comfort – the state that life and your life have been pursuing since the BANG.

Welcome to the New Evolution, welcome to You.