New Moon in Scorpio


“A woman is drawing aside dark curtains that close the entrance to a sacred path”

This new moon is a great gift. The cosmic weather brings winds that blow off

more of the unnecessary so that our intuitive knowledge guides

our first steps into a newly unveiled path. Mercury whistles new

meanings into this wind and his messages become clearer, not

tinted by any knowledge that comes from memories or imprints

that are keeping us out of the time that is now.

This wind of freedom will take away from you something that you

have been trying to let go and Mercury will blow the answer in the

wind, telling you just how to proceed.

Listen to this clear whistle, you will recognize where it comes

from… do not ignore it… draw aside that curtain and voluntarily

step on to this next step without the same old luggage… trust that

you will not be needing it.

Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio. Pluto is the underworld… Scorpio is

able to work well in the darkest areas of life, in the deep psyche,

and assisted by the warrior Mars, we just might be able to see

through the cover ups that we have allowed ourselves to live

with… This is not a time to be lazy, it is a time to fly high and SEE

what we so far have only been looking at…

Move freely but powerfully to the next level. Such a powerful

moon is useless if we do not follow its tide. Ride the wave.

Shant Joti , astrologer, coach  and author :

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