NEW MOON IN AQUARIUS… so much going on … how to stay balanced.


Venus coming back direct, as a seed that was planted last winter's solstice, deep in the Earth sign of Capricorn, reaching the deep-rooted life of plants that will show up this year, no matter what man does to prevent it. This Venus seed was also planted deep into our heart and psyche and has slowly made its way to daylight, showing beauty from a small tiny little sprout humbly carrying the strength of the tree. When Mercury retrogrades, it  is Hermes going in to meet our Sat Nam, our authentic identity, reaching way deep down into the psyche. Mercury is now direct, emerging with a new way to communicate with our Self . . . this time with softly spoken Venus, smooth-talking us with gentleness into a more ethical way of life.

Venus is leaving Pluto, like Persephone who came out in the spring to insure that nature would live . . . Mercury is on top of this story, as he is with all press relations issues that will go through changes, Mercury is reaching out to our inner communication… to our relationships with each other, with our common Self, through telepathic ways and deep comitment to higher frequencies. Mars going retrograde is also guiding us towards this transition, asking to get rid of aggressive tendencies with ourselves, with all that comes nourishment… our exchanges through words, business and relationships . . . parents and children, intimate relationships and those with friends. Mercury impressed with Sat Nam creates an intentional conscious tuning in.  It is at the very core of our first and most important communication with the inner and the outer world: INTENTIONAL CONSCIOUS BREATHING.

This is the time to share and invite others to engage with us on this journey as ONE.  It is time for more of us to train ourselves to see with new eyes the new days. This is a time for new friendships, time for more gatherings. This is a platform for a move forward . .  but slow and steady, as Jupiter goes direct… Saturn goes retrograde with Mars, so slow development but sure things . . . Saturn will go back direct when Uranus will go retrograde… What does it all mean?

GO SLOW. GO STEADY. The only thing that will determine how balanced you can stay trough all of these changes is how you engage and maintain a simple practice that creates slow small changes… that will make a gigantic difference in your life ahead.

Look out for the soon to come 40 days coaching to fully prepare to engage and commit for the rest of your life in the ONE you know deep inside that you are. You will succeed, you will BE.  The cosmic energies support this process now. Tune in and sign in. This can be an opportunity for you to support others in their fisrt steps into their new lives. Offer it as a rebirth gift!

–Written by Shant Joti.

Shant Joti is a transformational life coach, healer, astrologer and expert in spiritual food and nutrition. If you would like to schedule a life-changing consultation with her, she can be reached at